Has iOS 5.1 Fixed iPhone’s Poor Battery Life Issue?

Ever since Apple launched iPhone 4S, users have complained about poor battery life and despite Apple’s claim iPhone 4S’ battery life was worse than iPhone 4.

Apple released iOS 5.0.1, which included bugs fixes that affected battery life, but iPhone 4S users complained that it didn’t fix the issue in their case and in some cases users (not just iPhone 4S users) complained that they started observing the issue only after upgrading to iOS 5.0.1.

Apple acknowledged that it may have not fixed all the bugs affecting battery life and will do so in a future iOS software update.

So as promised (though after quite a long time), Apple released iOS 5.1 yesterday, which according to the iOS 5.1 release notes also addresses bugs that affects battery life.

We would love to find out if iOS 5.1 has fixed the poor battery life issue on your iPhone 4S so please drop us a line in the comments (assuming that you have updated your iPhone to iOS 5.1 as you don’t care about jailbreaking).

Terry, we hope you get the answer to your question.