New iPhone Concept: 4.6-Inch Screen, Retina Displays, Aluminium Back Panel & More

Yesterday, a report claimed that the next generation iPhone will sport a 4.6-inch screen.

Though it is hard to believe that Apple would want to add another vector of fragmentation, folks at ADR Studio have gone ahead and created a stunning new iPhone concept with a larger 4.6-inch screen.

ADR Studio had previously developed the iPhone SJ concept inspired by Steve Jobs.  They’ve described the new iPhone concept on their blog:

First of all it’s sim-less: it doesn’t use a simcard by our phone mobile operator. It can grab your data directly by the mobile network, also in 4G LTE.
It uses a new audio section, with two panel speakers, on the rear of it aluminum forged unibody.
All the controls are now on the top and the edge is so thin!

The great news is the new iPhone haven’t just one retina display. It has three ones!
One strip screen is on the top, to show you all the network infos, clocks, notifications and so on.
The bottom one is for App dock, multitasking panel and so on.
The central one is only for the desktop: more space, more freedom.

The home button is integrated into bottom strip display and it can be activate thanks to the closer motion sensor.

Obviously the new iPhone has Siri, gyroscope on 4 axis, motion sensor, as you know and the other great features of the previous iPhone 4s.

In addition you’ve a “led powered edge”. You can use it to show the strength of battery life or to show you a preferred caller: you can choose the color thanks to the led edge dedicated app.

Though the idea of an iPhone with 4.6-inch sounds ridiculous and we don’t like the bulge at the back, we will still get this one.

Let us know what you really liked or didn’t like about the new iPhone concept in the comments.

[via ADR Studio]