SiriSports: Access NBA, MLB And NHL Scores Using Siri [Jailbreak Tweak]

Wouldn’t it be nice if Siri could also tell us sports scores?

iOS developer – Evan Coleman has developed an AssistantExtension called SiriSports that adds that functionality to Siri – Apple’s personal assistant feature.

Siri Sports gives you quick and easy access to sports scores. To get the latest score you can ask Siri questions such as “Are the Yankees winning?”, “Did the Knicks win last night?”, “What time is the Rangers game?” and more.

SiriSports currently provides scores for NBA, NHL and MLB games, which can be enabled and disabled via the Settings app. Coleman plans to add more sports in the future.

You can also find out the time when you favorite team is playing or schedule of all the games being played today and Siri will promptly revert back with the details.

Check out the demo video of the jailbreak tweak:

SiriSports is available for free on Cydia. It will also install AssistantExtensions if it hasn’t been installed.