Tether Launches HTML5-Based Tethering Solution For iPhone

iPad 2

Back in November 2011, Apple had removed a tethering application from Tether called iTether.

Apple has been banning such applications from the App Store possibly due to pressure from carriers like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint who offer tethering plans for $20 per month that can be used using the Personal Hotspot feature that is available for iPhone users.

Interestingly, Tether has just released a new HTML5-based tethering solution for the iPhone, which means that  users don’t need to download an app from the App Store. They’ve announced the release of the new HTML5 based tethering application on their blog:

“It was clear from our initial application iTether, there was enormous demand within the iPhone ecosystem,” says Tim Burke, CEO of Tether. “It was unfortunate that Apple decided to remove our application, only 20 hours after we launched. However, this caused us to innovate. Our underlying patent-pending technology behind Tether for iPhone is unlike anything on the market.”

Tether’s new version for the iPhone is purely based on HTML5 and creates a completely wireless connection over AdHoc. This circumvents the need of buying the application directly from Apple’s App Store and allows any iPhone or iPad with a data connection to allow tethering.

The HTML5-based application is a companion app for the Mac and PC versions, which allows users to use their iPhone’s data connection to surf the internet on a Mac or PC over USB.

Tether is offering the tethering service for a yearly fee of $30 per on their website with a 30-day money back guarantee.

It remains to be seen if Tether’s HTML-based tethering solution for the iPhone will also bypass the checks that carriers apparently have in place to detect such unofficial tethering.