iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Status Update: pod2g Has Found Two Big Vulnerabilities

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Few days back, pod2g had revealed that they had discovered 5 exploits that were required for the iOS 5.1 jailbreak.

pod2g has some more good news, he has just tweeted that he has discovered 2 more big vulnerabilities over the weekend.

He just tweeted the following update:

News: a productive week-end. Found 2 big vulnerabilities. 1 kernel land and 1 root land.

pod2g had also posted a poll asking users if they should hold off the jailbreak for iOS 6 to be released or release a jailbreak for iOS 5.1 as soon as possible, which would mean that the exploits used for the jailbreak would be patched by Apple in iOS 6 or in the next iOS software update. With 2 days still to go for the poll, it looks like majority of the users (61% of the 135,961 votes and counting) want pod2g and team to release a jailbreak for iOS 5.1 as soon as possible.

The ideal situation would be if the hackers don’t have to use all the 7 exploits discovered so far for the iOS 5.1 jailbreak and the exploits that are not used are enough for the next jailbreak. So it remains to be seen if the two big vulnerabilities that pod2g has discovered over the weekend can be used for future jailbreaks.

If you haven’t voted, we suggest you check out our post where we go through the pros and cons of releasing the jailbreak for iOS 5.1 immediately and holding off the jailbreak for iOS 6 to be released and cast your vote on pod2g’s website.

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