Some Users Reporting 3G Connectivity Issues With New iPad


After highlighting Wi-Fi connectivity issues, users on Apple’s discussion board are now reporting of problems with the new iPad’s 3G connection. 

According to the posts on the thread, certain 4G iPad units have difficulty in connecting to 3G data networks and frequently lose their connection. While some users claim to have limited success with methods like hard resets or a network reset, there doesn’t seem to be any definite solution to this problem. Older generation iPads are unaffected, according to users.

Most of the people reporting this problem are international users residing in countries like Switzerland, Australia and Singapore. There are a few users though, who are facing the same problem in the U.S.

It’s not yet known whether this problem is a hardware issue or can be resolved via a software upgrade.

Although the discussion thread seems to have been taken down, you can still read through user responses on Google’s cached copy of the link.

Apple’s internal documents have sort of acknowledged the Wi-Fi connectivity issues users reported earlier, and it remains to be seen how Apple deals with this problem.

Are you facing any connectivity issue with your iPad 3?

[via AppleInsider]