Survey: 82% of New iPad Users ‘Very Satisfied’; Heating Issue is a Non-Issue

Research firm ChangeWave has just released results of iPad 3’s initial customer satisfaction survey.

Here are some of the key points from ChangeWave’s new iPad customer satisfaction survey:

  • 82% of the new iPad users are very satisfied and 16% are somewhat satisfied with their shiny new device, while only 2% said they were somewhat not satisfied with their new iPad. This is much better than iPad 2’s satisfaction survey, where 74% of the iPad 2 users were very satisfied and 23% were somewhat satisfied.
  • Not surprisingly, 75% of iPad 3 users rated Retina Display as their favorite feature. This was followed by battery life and 4G LTE capability.
  • The thing that they disliked most of the iPad 3 was the price and the cost of the wireless data plans.
  • ChangeWave also asked the respondents about the heating issue that has been one of the most debated issue since the launch of the new iPad. 89% of the users didn’t have or experience the heating problem, 7% felt it was not much of a problem, while 4% felt it was somewhat of a problem. More importantly, none of the respondents felt the heating issue was a big problem.

ChangeWave concluded that the heating issue doesn’t seem to be a perceived problem for most iPad 3 users, which in our opinion matters more than what review sites like Consumer Reports have to say.