Analyst: Next iPhone Will be ‘Mother of All Upgrades’

Earlier in the week, Piper Jaffray’s analyst Gene Munster predicted in his research report that Apple’s next generation iPhone will arrive in October.

Munster was initially expecting Apple to launch the sixth generation iPhone in August, but expects Qualcomm’s issue to push the launch of the next iPhone to October.

Gene Munster spoke to Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West”, where he talked about the outlook for the release of Apple’s next generation iPhone.

Here’s an interesting excerpt from that interview:

Jon Erlichman: Ultimately though, it sounds me that you say the key differentiator with this product is speed. Is that correct?

Gene Munster: I think there is going to be two. One is the form factor, a slightly bigger screen, a slightly different form factor, and second is the speed. When the iPhone 4S came out it was obviously the same form factor. It was just a big software upgrade. This is going to be a big hardware upgrade and so just think of those as kind of alternating year to year. So this is going to be the year of the hardware. It’s going to be the mother of all upgrades. There’s going to be lines around shopping malls to get this but it sounds like it’s going to be a little later than some had hoped.

Next iPhone concept

You can watch the video of the interview below (unfortunately, it won’t work on iOS devices as it needs Flash):