100 Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone [Video]


Ever since the iPhone was hacked back in 2007, there have been 1000s of jailbreak apps and tweaks that allow you to unlock the true potential of your iOS device.

While Apple continues to add new features with every iOS software update, some of which have been inspired by the jailbreak apps / tweaks, iOS hackers and developers have continued to release new tweaks and apps that makes it much better and fun to use an iOS device.

It is so addictive that users don’t update their iOS device to the latest software update until the jailbreak tools have been updated for the new iOS firmware.

Still looking for a reason to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Here are 100 reasons to jailbreak your iOS device. This wonderful video has been created by JailbreakMatrix.

If you want to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then check out this link for the latest step-by-step jailbreak guides. And if you want to install the jailbreak tweaks and apps showcased in the video then check out our Jailbreaks Apps and Tweaks category page.

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