TuneUp Gives Shazam and SoundHound a Run for Their Money

TuneUp Mobile

Music tagging on iOS devices has been dominated thus far by two apps: Shazam and SoundHound. TuneUp, previously known solely for their iTunes cleaning plugin, has now launched their own music identification app in the App Store.

Until now, TuneUp has been known prominently for its iTunes and Windows Media compatible plugin that helped users to clean their music library. With its astounding ability to correct wrong song titles and provide accurate album artwork, it’s a great service in itself if you’ve got a huge iTunes library. Unlike the plugin, though, the new application that launched few days back allows you to identify any song that’s playing.

Dubbed TuneUp Mobile, you can download the application from iTunes for free. Unlike Shazam and SoundHound, TuneUp Mobile doesn’t have different versions of the same application that allow only a certain amount of music tags per day. Rather, you have an unlimited number of tags. Further, there aren’t any annoying ads within the confines of the app; the developers have opted with a solution that doesn’t involve monetizing the application.

TechCrunch gleaned the following information:

Founder and CEO Gabe Adiv says he’s “not concerned with monetization of the mobile app right now.” It’s much harder to convince consumers to pay for something on smartphones than it is on their desktops or laptops, so rather than trying to squeeze money from the app, TuneUp is treating it as a sales tool for its desktop product.

TuneUp has incorporated an additional feature to promote its desktop plugin. The application will perform a free diagnosis of your iPhone or iPod music library and will identify ways that it can augment your collection. Whether it may be correcting song titles, adding album artwork or adding an artist worthy of credit for a specific song, the application will perform a test to see what its desktop counterpart can rectify.

In the future, Adiv says he wants to bring more of TuneUp’s features the phones — and perhaps his view on monetization will change then.

Currently, TuneUp Mobile is limited to the iPhone and the iPod Touch. There’s no word regarding a possible iPad version or an update to bring universal functionality. You can pick it up absolutely free (App Store link).