Apple Rakes in 73% of Profits Among Top Mobile Phone Vendors

While Samsung may have grabbed the top place in the worldwide smartphone market in Q1 2012, Apple has made most of the profit among top mobile phone vendors, according to the data released by asymco‘s Horace Dediu.

Apple and Samsung accounted for 99% of the total profit made by top mobile phone vendors in Q1 2012.

HTC made the remaining 1% of the proft, while Research in Motion, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Nokia ended up making losses in the last quarter.

Apple grabbed a whopping 73& of the profit, while Samsung made 26% of the profit. That’s quite amazing when you consider that Apple has only 8.8% and Samsung has 23.5% of the mobile phone market.

asymco‘s Horace Dediu points out:

Seen this way, the story isn’t so much that Apple “took the profits from the incumbents”. Rather, it’s that Apple created a vast new pool of profits. And one need not look far to find out where they came from: operators. These profits were mostly carrier premiums for the iPhone 4S. [..]

[..] Following this value proposition to its logical conclusion would suggest that the industry is rewarding those who can supply computers-as-phones which preserve the cash flows of what is essentially a trillion dollar data services business. Vendors which cannot offer this solution saw their businesses implode. At least on the high end.

Apple has maintained its position as the top profit maker in the mobile phone industry for 14 quarters in a row.