Apple Rejecting Apps With Dropbox Integration For Violating App Store Review Guidelines

The Next Web reports that Apple has rejected a number of apps with Dropbox integration.

Apps with Dropbox integration can either authenticate through the installed Dropbox app or opens a webpage to let users log in to their Dropbox account.

As seen in the screenshot below, the problem with the web-based login is that it includes a link that allows users to signup for the service and purchase storage, thus bypassing Apple’s App Store, which violates App Store review guidelines.

According to Apple’s App Store review guidelines, if developers like Dropbox offer paid subscriptions outside the App Store, they either have to offer the subscription via the in-app subscription option in the App Store or need to ensure that there is no link that points users to external purchasing mechanisms.

The Next Web reports that Apple is sending developers the following notice:


We found that your app provides access to external mechanisms for purchases or subscriptions to be used in the app, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Specifically, your app enables to user to create accounts with Dropbox and Google.

As a short term solution, Dropbox has released a new SDK (v1.2.2) for developers, which eliminates access to both account signups and paid subscription packages directly from apps with Dropbox integration. The Verge reports that Dropbox is working with Apple to come with a solution that offers an elegant user experience as a long-term solution.

It remains to be seen if Apple has changed its stance about apps that offer Dropbox integration or has simply started to enforce the App Store review guidelines.