‘Fold to Unlock’ Concept For iPhone’s Lock Screen

AppAdvice has discovered a pretty cool concept created by Austin Kudin to replace iPhone’s slide to unlock gesture.

Austin Kudin, an interface and Web designer, has posted his “fold-to-unlock” concept on idea-sharing site Dribbble.

Joe White of AppAdvice explains:

a fold-to-unlock interface for Apple’s mobile operating system. The concept involves abandoning the slide-to-unlock method of unlocking an iPhone, and instead swiping a finger across the screen (from left to right), which would have the effect of “folding” away the Lock screen.

Kudin admits that he was inspired by the concept that another Dribble user had created for Android.

You can check out the images of the concept below:

Though we doubt Apple will implement something like this in iOS 6 or even future iOS update, we won’t be surprised if someone releases a jailbreak tweak that brings this cool concept to iOS devices.

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