Pebble Smartwatch Will be Integrated With RunKeeper at Launch

When we first wrote about Pebble three weeks back – the sleek smartwatch that connects to iPhone and Android, it had received a backing for more than $650,000 from 4850+ backers.

But in the last three weeks, it has created history by becoming the most funded Kickstarter project ever and has received more than $8 million in funding from more than 53,500+ backers.

Pebble allows you to stay on top of things with vibrating notifications for emails, incoming calls (with caller ID), Calendar Alerts, Facebook messages, Twitter, Weather Alerts etc that you receive on your iPhone and Android-based smartphones. Android users can also receive text messages that they receive on their smartphones via Pebble.

But the thing that interested us the most was that Eric Migicovsky – founder of Pebble was also planning to release an SDK that would allow developers to create innovative apps for the smartphone watch, essentially turning Pebble into an app platform.

So it is great to hear that RunKeeper – developer of one of most popular fitness iPhone apps will be Pebble’s first app partner, so when Pebble is shipped to customers in September, RunKeeper will be integrated into the watch. In a blog post, RunKeeper’s CEO Jason Jacobs wrote:

We are pleased to announce that, when the Pebble watches are available, they will be integrated with RunKeeper!  We are also super honored to be the very first app integration partner that Pebble chose to work with.  It will likely be a few months until the watches are ready, but when they are, you will be able to see your in-activity fitness data, start/stop RunKeeper, etc. right from your wrist.

RunKeeper haven’t provided more details about how the iPhone app will interact with the Pebble app, but we sure think many users will prefer to see the fitness data on their watch rather than on the iPhone.

Which other app would you like to see integrated with the Pebble smartwatch? Let us know in the comments.

You can check out the demo video of Pebble below:

You can still back the project by pledging as little as $115 and get one jet black Pebble watch in return. Add $10 if you’re in Canada or $10 for international shipping. You can check out Pebble’s KickStarter page for more details.