Logitech Unveils New Solar-Powered iPad Keyboard Case – Solar Keyboard Folio

Logitech has just announced a new case for Apple’s new iPad and iPad 2 called Solar Keyboard Folio.

As the name suggests, the Solar Keyboard Folio case converts light energy into energy usable by its integrated QWERTY keyboard. While Logitech claims the battery will last up to two years with a full charge, the case will use either indoor or outdoor light to keep the Bluetooth keyboard up and running at all times.

As it is a folio, the case houses your iPad under a flap that will cover your device when not in use. Two solar cells are embedded onto either side of the flap to ensure they don’t get in the way when you’re using your iPad; facing outwards when your device is propped up, the cells are constantly sucking up energy from a light source to power the keyboard.

The case sports the ability to prop your iPad up for easy hands-free use. Offering two viewing angles, you can either place your iPad at such an angle that the keyboard is fully accessible or at another angle dedicated to viewing media – a conveniently placed media button lines the bottom row of the keyboard that allows you to adjust the volume and pause/play media.

Other notable features include, of course, the integrated keyboard that connects to your iPad via bluetooth and also uses the embedded magnets to automatically lock and unlock your iPad. Although Logitech does claim the keyboard will run for a total two years after a full charge, this is based on two hours of daily use. If you use your iPad more avidly, expect the battery to die down quicker.

Logitech are currently taking pre-orders for the case here for $129, which is reasonable considering you’ll never have to purchase replacement batteries for the keyboard.