Apple Revamps iTunes And App Store Apps in iOS 6

Apple showcased 10 major iOS 6 features such as the new Maps app, Facebook Integration, Improvements to Siri etc. at the WWDC 2012 Keynote yesterday. But ever since Apple seeded the beta version of iOS 6, we’ve received some more details about the other improvements and changes included in iOS 6.

One of them is the remodeled stores, which Apple has briefly mentioned on the iOS 6 preview page

Here’re some of the changes and improvements about the revamped iTunes Store and App Store apps based on screenshots that have leaked so far and information we’ve received from a number of tipsters:

  • The iTunes and App Store apps come with a fresh new look and feel. Apple has replaced the traditional blue bar along the top and the black bar at the bottom with darkish grey bars.
  • Apple has also replaced the button like images for Editor’s choice apps and App of the week with sliding banners. It looks a lot better and should give better visibility to apps in this section. We like the way Apple has brought the look and feel of the App Store in iTunes to the iPhone.
  • You can now horizontally scroll through the apps in the New and What’s Hot section, which are placed just below the featured section instead of tapping on the tabs for these sections.
  • You can now check out the apps recommended by Genius by tapping on the Genius tab at the bottom (though the Genius feature doesn’t seem to be working in iOS 6 beta).
  • Apple has quite rightly renamed Top 25 tab as Top Charts. When you tap on the Top Charts, you can scroll through the first 50 apps and when you reach the end of the list, the app automatically retrieves the next 50 apps.
  • You can now access the Categories by clicking on the Categories menu option at the top left corner. When you select a category, it displays the New and What’s Hot apps in that Category under the Featured tab. Strangely, we’re told that Top Charts doesn’t show the top apps in that section, instead it shows the top apps across all categories. We’re assuming that is a bug, which will be fixed in subsequent releases.

    • The iTunes Store app gets similar changes and improvements. Apple has replaced the Video and Purchased tabs with more appropriate Movie and TV Shows tabs. You can access the purchased items under More tab.
    • Under the Music tab, New Singles and Top Songs are displayed as a list.
    • You can also access the Genres by clicking on the Genres menu option at the top left corner.
    • As you can see in the screenshot below, the app description page has also been revamped with separate tabs for details, reviews and related apps section.
  • The goods news is you don’t need to enter the password for apps that you’ve previously purchased or while downloading updates. This is a welcome change as entering the password again for updates and previously purchased apps seemed unnecessary.

  • In iOS 6, when you click on the install button in the App Store, you are no longer taken to the Home screen, instead it installs the app in the background and the  button changes from “Installing” to “Open” after the app is successfully installed. This means that you can continue to surf the App Store while an app is being installed in the background.
  • We’re being told that the App Store and iTunes Store app are still quite buggy. Scrolling through the apps is not very smooth. Developers have also reported that they encountered few crashes, while playing around with the App Store app.

You can check out the demo video of the App Store in iOS 6 below (courtesy iDownloadBlog):

Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments.

Images Credit: 9to5Mac