Launch Center Pro: Quick And Easy Way to Access Actions Within Apps on Your iPhone

App Cubby – developers of popular app iPhone app – Launch Center have released a new version of their app called Launch Center Pro.

Launch Center Pro takes things to the next level by allowing you to not only launch apps but also trigger actions within apps.

With Launch Center Pro you can create shortcuts to not only launch apps, but also for some of the actions within apps so you can access them quickly. You can create shortcuts to  message a friend, launch Instagram’s camera to quickly snap a pic, launch Tweetbot, open the news feed in the Facebook app and lots more.

The app makes use of URL schemes, so you can create shortcuts to either launch an app or trigger an in-app action for any app that exposes them via URL schemes. You can check out this link to see the huge list of apps that are currently supported. The app allows you to configure some system level settings such as set the brightness etc. It also gives you quick access to most commonly accessed things such as the dialer, Contacts and Google Search.

App Cubby have completely revamped the user interface in Launch Center Pro. You are now presented by a grid view of icons to access your favorite in-app actions, which looks a lot better than the list view in Launch Center.

The other nice addition is the ability to group actions under an icon, which is quite useful if you tend to access more than one in-app action for an app. For example: Open a blank page, open the books, open Google Search in Safari.

You can also schedule to launch in-app actions, which some users might find useful for certain actions. You can also customize things the look and feel of the buttons such as altering its color, texture, icon and label.

Overall, Launch Center Pro is quite a significant upgrade and a must-have in your iPhone dock. Some might think it is a glorified folder, but after you start using the app to access common actions, you will appreciate the utility of this iPhone app.

Launch Center Pro is available in the App Store for $2.99. You can download it using this App Store link.