Microsoft to Unveil 7-inch Xbox Surface Tablet at Today’s Event?


Few days back, we reported that Microsoft had sent an invite for a media event today. However, Microsoft didn’t provide any other details about the event other than saying “This will be a major Microsoft announcement — you will not want to miss it”.

It is being widely speculated that Microsoft is gearing up to launch its own Windows 8 tablet to take on Apple’s iPad.

According to who claim to have received specs sheet from a source, Microsoft will unveil a 7-inch tablet controller along with Xbox hardware, which could be called Xbox Surface.

The purported tech specs reveals that the 7-inch tablet will be powered by an ARM processor from Texas Instruments for “Kinect workloads,” as well as custom IBM engine for “scale out.” According to the leaked specs it would come with a 1280×720 resolution display.

Microsoft was rumored to launch a Smartglass tablet at E3 show, but that didn’t turn out to be accurate as Microsoft unveiled the impressive SmartGlass software that will provide users with additional information about a TV show, game, or other Xbox content on a second screen, like a tablet or smartphone. Microsoft has announced that it will be also releasing apps for iOS and Android.

We’re assuming that in addition to being a controller for the Xbox, Xbox Surface or whatever it is called will also work as a full-fledged tablet. Experts believe that Microsoft is developing its own tablet to be able to compete with Apple’s tight integration rather than entering the booming tablet market only through its traditional hardware partners.

Check out the leaked specs of the 7-inch tablet controller below, they look quite impressive.

Would you be interested in a tablet made by Microsoft? Do you think Apple should be worried?