Jailbreak Tweaks Bring OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center to iOS

MountainCenter is a new jailbreak tweak that was recently released on Cydia yesterday.

The jailbreak tweak allows you to access the Notification Center from the side of the screen with a swipe just the way you can in OS X Mountain Lion.

We prefer this behavior on the iPad to the default one where you have to swipe down on the status bar to access the Notification Center. You can either swipe right/left (depending on which side of the screen you have selected) or simply double tap to hide the Notification Center.

Mountain developed by Jonas Gessner and iKyle also allows you to customize the following things:
  • Number of fingers that need to be used to invoke Notification Center from the side
  • Choose to invoke the screen from the left or right side of the screen with a swipe
  • Full screen banner notifications
  • Disable this swipe gesture while using the keyboard

MountainCenter is compatible with Notification Center jailbreak tweaks such as IntelliScreenX.

You can check out the demo of the jailbreak tweak below:

MountainCenter is available in Cydia for $2.99. Also check out MountainLionCenter for iPad developed by Hamza Soodwhich is a free jailbreak tweak that also offers this functionality minus some of the customization options available in MountainCenter. MountainLionCenter is compatible with iOS 5.1 or later and supports only the iPad, whereas MountainCenter is compatible with iOS 5 or later and supports iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Let us know what you think of the jailbreak tweaks in the comments.