The Status Bar In iOS 6 Changes Color To Match The App

Apple has largely retained the same look and feel of iOS since its inception, but it has time and again introduced minor tweaks in the UI to the OS.

With iOS 6, the color of the status bar changes dynamically to match the app currently running on your iOS device. 

It doesn’t work with all apps though, presumably due to the use of custom, non-standard code to present navigation bars in certain apps.

The status bars’ color doesn’t change entirely to that of the app. Instead, the bar acquires a weird combination of black and the app’s color, which doesn’t really look visually pleasing.

In iOS 5 and earlier, the status bar was either black or grey irrespective of the app running, introducing the notion of the status bar being a system element, consistent throughout the OS. The adaptive status bar in iOS 6, however, makes it look like the status bar is a part of the app (which it clearly isn’t).

Here are some example images, courtesy Cult of Mac :

status bar changing colors

What do you think of the change?