WWDC 2012: Last Minute Rumors

With less than 2 hours to go for the WWDC 2012 Keynote, we’ll cover the last minute WWDC 2012 news and rumors here.

So here’s some of the things that we’ve just heard:

  • 9to5Mac has posted leaked specs of the New MacBook Pros, Mac Pros and MacBook Airs. New MacBook Pros with Retina Display are coming, but looks like they’re going to be very expensive.
  • According to Clayton Morris of Fox News, Apple is going to release at least two new native apps with iOS 6. Apple is widely expected to release an all-new 3D Maps app. It will be interesting to see which is the second one.
  • James in the comments tell us that it could be the iStore app (iTunes Store + App Store and iBookstore all in one app) and the dictionary app, which we’ve heard of before. According to him, multitasking and Spotlight will receive an upgrade and we’re assuming that he means that Siri will be available to other iOS device users.
  • 9to5Mac claims that one of the native iOS apps will be Organize. They’ve provided the following information about the app: The application is said to be a virtual pocket, and the app’s purpose is to be able to replicate a person’s pocket and store things such as coupons, travel information, credit card info and more. We speculate that Apple will be using the neat camera-based scanning software that we reported to be in development for the scanning in of business cards, receipts, and using that to provide virtual items that get used when shopping and travelling. We can’t help but think that this application will eventually tie into the rumored Apple wallet/NFC service at some point in the future.
  • 9to5Mac reports that Apple will unveil a new iPad smart case.