Apple Tweaks App Store Search Algorithm Again

App Store

TechCrunch follows up its last week’s report regarding App Store search with a new one, that suggests that Apple has changed the search algorithm again, this time with a larger emphasis on keywords and names.

The change was noticed by a founder of, an App Store analytics firm, and subsequently confirmed by another company, Xyologic, specializing in the same field.

One of’ apps, named “Love Letter Writing,” didn’t feature in search results for the term “advice” despite the term being one of the app’s keywords. However, as of the latest changes, the search result page for “advice” features’ Love Letter Writing app as well.

It looks like Apple is tinkering with the App Store search algorithm, until the company figures out a perfect way to maintain balance between accuracy and discovering new apps. This also means, as TechCrunch notes, that developers won’t have a sure shot way to shoot up their search rankings, since Apple will frequently be changing the algorithm.

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Are any of these changes big enough for you to notice?