Apple Vs. Samsung Trial Documents Reveal Treasure Trove Of iPhone And iPad Prototype Designs

As part of evidence in the Apple vs. Samsung trial, Apple has continually revealed designs and prototypes of iOS devices that got rejected midway in the development process.

A new document, filed with the court on Saturday, reveals a whole set of iPhone and iPad designs that Apple would have liked to remain a secret. Although some of the designs have already been revealed in earlier filings, the new document is a treasure trove for anyone interested in what goes on behind the scenes when an iPhone or iPad is announced.

The prototypes suggest that Apple considered, maybe even manufactured, a wide range of designs for each of its products before arriving at the final design.

The images show iPhones with variations in the shape of the corners and edges of the device, some of which you can see in the iPhone models over the years, and some which you’d never even think of.

Here are some of the iPhone and iPad designs that stood out in the document (click on the image below to see the slideshow of all the iPhone and iPad prototype designs):

Let us know if you liked any of the iPhone prototype designs.