More Details About iPhone 5, iPad Mini, Next-Gen iPod Touch, iPad 4

We reported earlier today that Apple is planning to unveil the highly anticipated ‘iPhone 5’ along with the cheaper and smaller iPad mini, next generation iPod Touch and iPod nano at a special event on September 12th, followed by the release of the new iPhone on September 21st.

Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge provides some more interesting details about the next generation iPhone, iPod touch, iPad mini and iPod nano.

Here are some of the highlights:

New iPhone:

  • iLounge claims that Apple will start shipping the iPhone 5 in mid-September, pointing to a launch date around the third week of September, which in line with iMore’s claims.
  • Apple is apparently working on two new cases for ‘iPhone 5. One of them is similar to the Bumper available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, while the other “is a different design that our source says will have a major impact on the accessory market if released, yet is not hugely surprising. Something with a stand, perhaps?”
iPad Mini:
  • According to iLounge, iPad mini may not be released along with ‘iPhone 5’ in September. It could be unveiled at a special event in November.
  • Not surprisingly, Apple will also release an iPad Smart Cover and Smart case for the smaller iPad mini.

New iPod Touch:

  • Apple is planning to unveil the next generation iPod touch along with iPhone 5 and just like the 6th generation iPhone, it will come with a taller 4-inch screen.
iPad 4:
  • iLounge claims that the next generation iPad will get a relatively modest body tweak.
  • It will come with the smaller 19-pin dock connector.
  • A rear-side microphone to aid in noise cancellation or improve audio quality during rear video recording.
  • iLounge notes that though Apple may be ready to launch iPad 4 along with iPad mini in November, but it is unlikely to launch a new iPad so quickly as it would definitely piss off early adopters of iPad 3.
[via iLounge]