‘iPhone 5’ With 1GB RAM, 4G LTE And NFC On Track For Fall Release

Last week a report claimed that ‘iPhone 5‘ had hit production and had speculated that it could be released as early as September.

However, folks at BGR claim that according to a trusted source, the next generation iPhone is still in engineering testing stage and yet to enter production, but is on track for fall release.

BGR reports:

Apple goes through multiple stages before a product is manufactured, and two of these include the “engineering verification test” stage and the “design verification test” phase. Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone is currently in the EVT3 stage, the third revision of the engineering test stage, and has not yet entered the DVT stage.

They go on to add:

For reference, production of past iPhones was as follows, according to our source:

  1. Verizon (VZ) iPhone 4: This hit the EVT2 stage in mid-November, hit EVT3 the last week of November, and got up to DVT2 in late December.
  2. iPhone 4: The unit that was lost in a San Francisco bar was in DVT stage in late March, and had hit EVT2 by mid-February of 2010.

The report also claims that the 6th generation iPhone prototypes that are currently in engineering testing stage have 1GB RAM (iPhone 4S has 512MB RAM), 4G LTE radios and also include near field communication (NFC) chip.

iOS 6 comes with a new Passbook application to collect stuff like boarding passes, movie tickets, shopping cards etc. that you’d normally keep in your pocket or wallet. If Apple’s 6th generation iPhone has NFC chip then Passbook could turn into a digital wallet.