OS X Mountain Lion Redeem Codes Sent To Eligible Buyers Under Up-to-date Program Showing Up As Already Used Or Invalid [Updated]

Under Apple’s up-to-date program, customers who’ve bought Macs with OS X Lion after June 11th are entitled to a free Mountain Lion upgrade.

The free upgrade has to be requested by filling in a form on Apple’s site that asks for personal info, purchase details and the Mac’s serial number. 

The free upgrade is delivered to customers via a redeem code, that has to be entered on the Mac App Store.

A number of users are reporting that the codes they’ve received are showing up as invalid or already used. We personally faced issues with redeeming our Mountain Lion promo code on both, the US as well as the Indian Mac App Stores.

A thread on Apple’s discussion forums regarding the issue has seen 60 replies till now, a MacRumors thread on the same issue has stretches till four pages, and Twitter is abuzz with people complaining about the error.

redeem code error

A few folks on the MacRumors forums have contacted AppleCare regarding this issue. They’ve either been told to try entering the code again, or wait for another redeem code to arrive in their inbox.

Another way to register your grievance is to mail uptodatesupport@apple.com, with your claim number and the error being shown to you. We didn’t receive any response till now (not even an automated one) after mailing at the address over an hour ago.

We’re hoping Apple fixes this issue as soon as possible, and we’ll be updating this post with further news, if any.

Did the redeem code work for you? Let us know in the comments.

Update 1: 9to5Mac says that Apple has begun re-issuing the promo codes. We’re still waiting for ours to drop in our inbox.

Update 2: Various people who’ve spoken with Apple customer reps say that they would be receiving correct promo codes within 72 hours. Meanwhile, you could contact Mac App Store support via a form on Apple’s site, informing them about your problem.

Update 3: We just got a new promo code in our mailbox that worked fine. If yours hasn’t arrived yet, it should be coming pretty soon.