Apple to Launch Revised iPad 3 to Fix Overheating Issue?

new iPad

Back in March, when the new iPad went on sale, some users complained that it ran hotter than iPad 2.

DigiTimes reports that Apple is planning to launch a revised version of the 3rd generation iPad to address the overheating issue.

Yesterday, DigiTimes reported that Apple is planning to launch a revised version of iPad 3 with an enlarged lens hole and modified battery to keep the iOS device from overheating later this year.

The sources said the new iPad’s battery is being revised, which will help prevent overheating issues and could possibly make the device slightly lighter and thinner than previously designed. However, no comments were offered as to why the lens is being enlarged.

DigiTimes didn’t provide the reason for the enlarged lens hole.

Earlier today DigiTimes has again reiterated that Apple is planning to launch a revised version of iPad 3, which will come with one-LED backlight module instead of the two-LED designed in the new iPad to address the overheating issue.

Apple is making revisions to the New iPad’s backlight module by using a one LED structure as used in Apple’s second-generation iPad instead of a two LED one that the current version has, according to industry sources.

The extra LED is reportedly adding to overheating and that using one LED will help solve overheating issues since more backlights along with more power to heat those backlights is causing overheating.

It would come as a surprise if Apple does end up releasing a revised iPad 3 later this year as the company has maintained that iPad 3 operates well within thermal specifications and surveys have also found that an overwhelming majority of new iPad owners felt it was a non-issue.

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