Apple’s Smaller Dock Connector Coming To Entire Lineup Of iOS Devices This Fall Has 9 Pins?

Yesterday, iMore reported that the entire new lineup of iOS devices such as the next generation iPhone, iPad mini, next generation iPod touch that will be unveiled at a special media event on September 12th and even the iPad 3 that was launched back in March will come with the new connector.

There has however been confusion whether this smaller dock connector comes will have 19-pins or 8-pins. 

Back in June, TechCrunch reported that it has also received information from their sources that Apple is indeed replacing the 30-pin connector with a smaller 19-pin dock connector in the new iPhone.

But, iLounge reported last week that the smaller dock connector features will have only 8 pins, contradicting reports that Apple’s upcoming iOS devices will come with a smaller 19-pin dock connector.

Although the original Dock Connector contained 30 pins, reports of 16- or 19-pin connectors seemed hard to square with the port’s small size and Apple’s actual need for additional pins beyond what USB/Micro-USB offer. No images or parts for the connector have leaked out, either. Both of our sources concur that there are eight pins in a line within the new Dock Connector, which may well receive a different name going forward. 

iOS hacker Hamza Sood has discovered reference in iOS 6 beta SDK, which suggests that the smaller dock connector will have 9 pins. He tweeted few mins back:

9 pin references in SDK. Is that the new rumoured dock connector? 

This seems to indicate that the smaller dock connector will have 9 pins.

Apple is expected to offer an adapter alongside the new iOS devices that will allow users to connect accessories using the old 30-pin dock connector to the device’s new 19-pin connector.