Best Places To Trade-In Your iPhone

Sell Old iPhone

Given that we’re just few weeks away from the rumored new iPhone event, we figured this would be a good time to list reliable places or sites to trade-in your old iPhone in return for hard cash or gift cards.

We’ve already covered two well-known players in the electronic gadgets resale business, NextWorth and Gazelle
, which not only give you reasonable prices for your device, but also allow you to lock-in your resale price (which decreases as we near launch day), and ship the device up to 3 weeks later.

9to5Mac has an extensive list of retailers, sites and carriers that have iPhone trade-in programs, the most notable of which is Amazon.

Amazon offers great resale value for your used iPhones, the catch being that you’d be paid in gift cards rather than cash.

Apple’s resale program is a part of its environment friendly recycle process. The trade-in prices are comparable to what NextWorth or Gazelle would offer for a used iPhone, with the exception being that in this case you’d be paid in Apple Gift Cards. Best Buy works similarly, handing out Best Buy E-Gift Cards upon trading-in your used iPhone.

eBay also has a trade-in program dubbed “Instant Sale” in which the site, in partnership with a third party seller, offers you cash (via PayPal) for your used iPhone.

GameStop, RadioShack, Verizon all offer similar trade-in programs.

Since there’s an overwhelming number of options available for you to trade-in your iPhone, here’s table listing out the resale prices of recent iPhone models across major retailers and sites.

iphone trade in value

Amazon emerges as the winner if you don’t mind the gift cards, while Gazelle takes the lead when it comes to the convinience of continuing to use your iPhone more than a month after you claim their offer. GameStop’s rates also seem pretty good, considering that unlike a lot of other options, you’d be given cash and not gift cards for your old iPhone.