Here’s What a Taller 4-Inch iPhone Screen Looks Like In Action [Video]

Apple’s next generation iPhone is widely speculated to come with a 4-inch screen.

The leaked parts suggest that the 4-inch screen will be taller than the current 3.5-inch screen, but will be of the same width, with 1136×640 resolution.

Interestingly, iOS 6 already seems to support the taller display as it automatically scales the home screen to the taller 1136×640 display.

We’ve already seen how native apps, some of the popular apps and an iPhone game will look like on the next generation iPhone with a taller display.

MacRumors have created a nice video, which demonstrates how the taller 4-inch display would feel like.

The video shows how the new 4″ Home Screen would look. The extra space would naturally allow for larger app folder sizes. Games and other apps would have to be modified to take advantage of the extra real estate. We imagined, however, that existing apps would be “letterboxed”, simply leaving empty black space at the top and bottom of the larger screen. Apple used a similar approach when supporting iPhone apps on the iPad.

The new 1136×640 resolution is almost exactly the same 16:9 ratio found on many widescreen monitors and televisions. This will fit many widescreen movies more naturally. 

While a bigger iPhone display is good news as it has been on the wish list of many users for quite sometime, we would have preferred the 6th generation iPhone to also come with a wider display. What about you?