Leaked ‘iPhone 5’ Dock Connector/Headphone Jack Assembly Fits In The Rear Shell

We’ve seen the photos of purported next generation iPhone’s rear shell and also photos of the flex cable component, housing Apple’s new smaller dock connector and headphone jack.

Folks at iResQ managed to get their hands on these leaked parts and took the next logical step.

iResQ placed the dock connector and headphone jack assembly in the rear shell to see if the leaked parts of Apple’s new iPhone fit well. As you can see from the screenshot below, the two parts seem to fit extremely well.

We were able to fit the docking port and headphone jack assembly that we showed you on Friday into the new iPhone’s frame/back casing. The docking port and headphone jack assembly seemed to fit perfectly inside of the frame. One of our technicians was even able to screw the assembly into the pre-aligned screw holes inside of the frame. All of the threading and screw holes lined up perfectly with the screw holes in then docking port/headphone jack assembly.

The photos of the assembly also give a good idea of what the bottom of iPhone 5 will look like, compared to iPhone 4S. As you can see, it has a much smaller dock connector, which makes way for the headphone jack and larger speaker grille.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the eagerly awaited 6th generation iPhone at a media event on September 12th, followed by the launch on September 21st.

[iResQ via MacRumors]

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