Leaked: Apple’s New Dock Connector To USB Cable For iPhone 5

USB cable specialist Veister now claims that they’ve got their hands on Apple’s new dock connector to USB cable for iPhone 5.

Apple’s entire lineup of iOS devices such as the next generation iPhone, iPad mini and possibly the next generation iPod touch and tweaked full-sized iPad are expected to come with a new smaller dock connector.

The new dock connector is not only going to be significantly smaller than the 30-pin dock connector, it is also supposed to offer much faster transfer rates and orientation independence.

There has been some debate about the number of pins in the new dock connector. Reports have claimed that it will come with a 8-pin and 19-pin dock connector, but recent rumors and code references discovered in iOS 6 beta indicate that ‘iPhone 5’ will come with a 9-pin dock connector

It has been also speculated that the new dock connector will include an attachment mechanism similar to the MagSafe connector used on the MacBooks, which would allow users to insert the cable in either orientation and also make it easier for the charging cables to simply snap into place.

Apple is expected to offer an adapter for the smaller dock connector to allow users to connect accessories using the old 30-pin dock connector to the new 9-pin dock connector.

The dock connector to USB cable appears to be the real deal to us. What do you think?

[Veister via iLounge]