Apple’s New Dock Connector to Offer Faster Transfer Rates, Orientation Independence

According to rumors, the entire new lineup of iOS devices such as the next generation iPhone, iPad mini, next generation iPod touch that is will be unveiled at a special media event on September 12th and even the iPad 3 that was launched back in March, will come with the new connector.

Until now, it was widely speculated that the reason for replacing the 30-pin connector with something more compact is to make room for components for next generation iOS devices, such as 4G radios, bigger batteries, new sensors etc.

AppleInsider has received some more interesting information about Apple’s new dock connector.

According to AppleInsider, the new dock connector will not only be smaller, but it will also offer much faster I/O connectivity and transfer rates even with just a fraction of the number of electrical contacts as the current 30-pin dock connector.

They say the 8 gold contacts seen on one side of the male plug in recently leaked photos of the connector are simply repeated on the flip side. They’re reportedly joined by the surrounding aluminum-colored metal shell of the connector, which will similarly serve as a functional contact, bringing the total number of pins to 9.

The new connector will also deliver a number of welcomed enhancements for consumers, according to people familiar with the design, one of which will be its orientation independence when plugged into any one of Apple’s future iOS devices.

“The beauty of this connector is that it no longer matters which side is up when you insert it into the phone,” one of those people explained. “It’s like MagSafe on the [MacBook] – every orientation is the correct one.”


Orientation independence will be a much-needed improvement as it is quite a pain to use the USB cable to dock connector, especially after getting used to MacBook’s MagSafe connector.

There has been some debate about the number of pins in the new dock connector. Reports have claimed that it will come with a 8-pin and 19-pin dock connector, but based on the information AppleInsider has received, it looks like the next iPhone will come with a 9-pin dock connector, which is in line with code references discovered in iOS 6 beta.

It has been also speculated that the new dock connector will include an attachment mechanism similar to the MagSafe connector used on the MacBooks, which would allow users to insert the cable in either orientation and also make it easier for the charging cables to simply snap into place.

Apple is expected to also offer an adapter for the smaller dock connector to allow users to connect accessories using the old 30-pin dock connector to the new 9-pin dock connector.

Are you excited about the new MagSafe-like connector with faster transfer rates and orientation independence?

[via AppleInsider]