Apple Introduces Completely Redesigned Earphones Dubbed EarPods

Along with the iPhone 5 and a refreshed iPod lineup, Apple also announced completely new earphones for these devices, dubbed “EarPods.”

While EarPods look exactly like what we had seen in an earlier leak, Apple showed us a lot more about these earphones during its keynote.

Apple’s VP of marketing, Greg Joswiak, took the stage to explain the challenges that arose while designing earphones due to the diversity in ear sizes. The company’s engineers and designers took 3 years to come up with the design for these EarPods, scanning hundreds of users to look for common elements.

The EarPods, unlike other circluar earphones, are shaped so as to take into account the geometry of the ear, making it fit perfectly into the ear. The speakers in the EarPods point towards the ear canal. There are also an additional set of ports included in the EarPods to enhance midrange frequencies, and provide better and deeper bass.


The EarPods would be bundled with the new iPods as well as the iPhone 5, and are available as a standalone accessory from Apple for a a price of $29.