Leaked Internal Memo Reveals Low Stock Of iPhone 3GS Ahead Of ‘iPhone 5’ Event

9to5Mac reports that Apple has advised its Genius Bar employees of low stock of iPhone 3GS.

The timing of the internal memo is interesting as Apple is widely expected to launch the next generation iPhone at a media event on September 12, less than two weeks from now.

9to5Mac reports:

According to a note sent to Genius Bar employees worldwide, “until further notice,” Genius Bars should perform the following for iPhone 3GSs: screen repairs, discuss the advantages of buying a new iPhone, and lastly, swapping out the full iPhone 3GS hardware.

The process of a screen repair or buying a new iPhone altogether conserves the limited amount of iPhone 3GS replacement units in Apple’s current global inventory.

With supplies of the iPhone 3GS so low, Apple even tells employees to swap out affected 3GSs with an iPhone 4 replacement unit. That is if the particular store is completely out of the 3GSs.

Apple is also widely expected to drop the prices of the entry level iPhone 4S for $99 and offer the 8GB iPhone 4 for free with a two-year contract. It is however not clear if Apple will continue to sell iPhone 3GS that was launched in 2009 or discontinue it.

The low stock could mean that Apple is preparing to discontinue iPhone 3GS, but the fact that iOS 6 that will be released later this month will also support iPhone 3GS, seems to indicate that Apple will not discontinue it.

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[via 9to5Mac]