Apple’s September 12 Event Invite Points to ‘iPhone 5’ Moniker

Apple just sent out invites for its September 12th iPhone event to the press and other media outlets.

In typical Apple fashion, the invite includes a cryptic reference, in this case to the number 5, as can be seen in the shadow at the bottom.

The most obvious conclusion here would be that the next iPhone is indeed going to be called the “iPhone 5,” which most of us didn’t quite expect. More so, after Apple chose to entirely drop the numbering nomenclature when the third gen iPad released, which was simply named “the new iPad.”

For the average consumer, though, the iPhone 5 makes perfect sense because its a logical progression from the 4 in the iPhone 4S. If Apple does go with iPhone 5, this could be a reasonable explanation of why it chose to do so.

Unless, of course, the five is a reference to something entirely new or unknown that Apple has in store for us.

Here’s the invite:

iphone 5 media invite

We’d love to hear your theories about the reference to the “5” in the invite, and how confident are you about the “iPhone 5” monicker now that Apple itself has dropped a hint.

For comparison, last year’s iPhone invite included a reference to iPhone 4S’ world phone capabilities.