iPhone 5 And New iPod Touch To Allow Users To Take Panoramic Photos With Camera App?

iOS Developer Will Strafach aka @Chronic has just tweeted that the new iPod touch and iPhone 5, which are expected to be unveiled at Apple’s media event tomorrow may come with built-in panoramic photo feature.

The panorama mode should allow users to allow users to take multiple photos, which are then stitched together to create a panoramic photo. 

Chronic tweeted:

[iPod touch] also has that Panoramic photo feature enabled as far as I know. I think the new iPhone does as well.

Rene Ritchie of iMore has tweeted that he had heard similar information earlier, but was not able to confirm it with a second source. In fact, few months back he had speculated about the possibility of Apple introducing the panorama photo mode in the next generation iPhone.

It’s not hard to imagine the iPhone 5 will once again include a camera demo, perhaps Phil Schiller showing off automagical new Panorama software, and other optical wonders.

It is important to note that the Panorama mode was first discovered in iOS 5 and you could enable it using a simple hack or installing a jailbreak tweak called Firebreak. However, it wasn’t too popular as the performance was quite poor.

A number of apps such as Pano that are available in the App Store that allow users to take panoramic photos, but having this ability in the native Camera app would be pretty cool.

It remains to be seen if the feature will be available on older iOS 6 compatible devices.

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