U.S. Carriers Unlikely To Support iPhone 5’s Wideband Audio

At yesterday’s iPhone event, Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Marketing had announced that iPhone 5 supports wideband audio, which is commonly known by carriers as HD voice. It extends the frequency range of audio signals transmitted, resulting in  crisper word clarity and more natural sounding speech.

Schiller had briefly mentioned that the feature will be supported by 20 carriers worldwide at launch. It was assumed that the feature will be available on Sprint, as it was the only carrier in the US that supports HD voice protocol.

But Phonescoop reports that iPhone 5 won’t work on Sprint’s version of HD voice.

Sprint spokesperson Michelle Leff Mermelstein confirmed to Phone Scoop that the iPhone 5 will not support Sprint’s version of HD Voice. Most carriers offering HD Voice around the world are doing so on WCDMA networks, whereas Sprint’s HD Voice service operates over CDMA 1x Advanced technology.

So it means that the none of the major iPhone carriers in the U.S. will be supporting iPhone 5’s wideband audio at launch.

The Verge reports that Verizon tested the feature last year and was supposed to launch it at some point in 2012, but there has no further updates. Now that iPhone 5 supports the feature, lets hope it serves as a catalyst for carriers to adopt it.

[Phonescoop via The Verge]