iPhone Tops J.D. Power’s Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Survey Again

For the eighth straight time, the iPhone topped J.D. Power’s smartphone customer satisfaction survey, scoring 849 points on a scale of 1000.

The survey, answered by 8736 smartphone users, takes into account the performance, ease of use, physical design and features of a smartphone. It was conducted between January and June 2012.

The iPhone’s score of 849 reflects great ratings across all factors taken into consideration, especially physical design and ease of use, which isn’t especially surprising if you closely analyse Apple’s priorities when making a product.

Surprisingly, the second best smartphone wasn’t from Samsung, but HTC, with a score of 790. Samsung falls slightly below the average with 782 points followed by other smartphone manufacturers.

Since the survey doesn’t give a breakup of the iPhone models, we don’t have any concrete data about the satisfaction ratings of each device type. It would have been interesting to know satisfaction ratings of older iPhone users, specifically the iPhone 3GS, which features 3 year old hardware and runs the latest version of iOS.

Here are the rankings based on the survey:


What do you think? What makes the iPhone stand out?

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