Samsung Galaxy S3 Ads Again Poke Fun at iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S III

Last week, Samsung had released a new Samsung Galaxy S3 ad which poked fun at iPhone 5.

Samsung has released two new ads, which are quite similar to the first ad, Samsung claims that the “The next big thing is already here” and mocks Apple fans lining up outside an Apple store-like location for the new iPhone 5.

Here’re some quotes from the ads made by Apple fans:

“The headphone jack is going to be … on the bottom”

“We’ve been here for five hours and it only feels like four … it feels like four tops”

“This year, we’re finally getting everything we didn’t get last year, the big screen, true 4G”

The second ad briefly highlights Samsung Galaxy S3’s features that iPhone doesn’t have, such as the ability to send a playlist wirelessly using the S Beam feature by touching phones.

The ads end with the now-familiar “The next big thing is already here” tag line.

Meanwhile, Apple has aired four TV ads for iPhone 5 that focus on the new features. As you can see below, in one ad, Apple takes a subtle jab at the larger screens of some Android-based smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S3.

Instead of poking fun at Apple fans and iPhone 5, and highlighting useless features like S Beam, which didn’t even make it our wish list, Samsung could have taken advantage of the bad press that Apple is getting iOS 6 Maps app in its latest commercials.

Thanks everyone for the tip!