Cool iPhone 5 Case That Comes With A Bonus Of Charity [Deals Hub]

Have an iPhone 5 already? I bet you’re still looking for a great case (or your backup case). We’ve got a great case here—Style Up Your iPhone 5 With The #CLEANSLATE Case (Black): Keep Your iPhone 5 Safe With This Sleek Case—that comes with an even better bonus.

Every case sold helps fund schools in Kenya.

Sure this case has the features we all want in an iPhone case (certainly what I look for):

  • Ultra-slim, snap-on design with lay-flat screen protection for your iPhone 5
  • Great protection & finished feel throughout
  • Premium soft touch finish that’s easy to hold

And the price—$19 plus $5 shipping—is certainly great. But it’s this little extra that caught my eye when I was looking for “what makes this special” part of the deal:

For every product bought, we will donate educational supplies to a child in need. 10% of each sale will go to buying note books, textbooks and pencils. This year we decided to partner up with The Supply, a dope non-profit organization that build schools in the slums of Kenya. We live what we preach and we are willing to invest our profits into children that deserve a better life. Together, we can give them the tools they need to make a better future for themselves and their community. via: Slate & Stylus

The $2 that comes from you buying this case can do a heck-of-a-lot of good for kids who are trying to achieve something that a lot of us take for granted: going to school and learning. So when you’re thinking about whether or not to buy this case, think about the other cases and gadgets you buy: do they help other people, too?