SaneBox Works Like Magic On Your Inbox [Deals Hub]

Get tons of emails? Me too. Have lots of cruft and stuff in your email that you want to read, but later. Stuff that gets in the way of finding the important emails. Right, we all do. Essentially email, which is over forty years old this year, is broken. Now, SaneBox can’t fix some of the inherent problems with email, but I gave it a try today and…wow…it makes my inbox a lot easier to deal with—Spend Less Time In Your Inbox With SaneBox (1-Year): Keep Your Inbox Clutter-Free & Your Mind Sane With a 1-Year Subscription

I was a skeptic about SaneBox. I’ve seen it before and I really am leery of something that gets between me and my email service. But, after watching the intro video (below), I thoughts I’d give it a try. So I tossed my gmail (over 110,000 emails in that one) and a couple Gmail for domains accounts at it so see what SaneBox would do. It took about an hour for my gmail account to be analyze (that alone is impressive) and 15–20 minutes for each of the other accounts and when it was done…

All the newsletters, Facebook notifications, and other cruft were gone from me inbox and filed into “@SaneLater, @SaneNews, @SaneBulk” folders and I was left with only stuff from people I wanted and needed to deal with.


So here’e my advice before you buy this deal (which is a great deal, btw), try SaneBox. You can use it for a couple weeks for free without needing to even enter your credit card. See if it works for you. I’m betting that you’ll have the same experience I did—it just works. I’m going to keep using the trial for a little longer just to see how SaneBox learns and adapts, but I can already tell that the small price I’m going to pay for the service is going to be worth the price.

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