Apple CEO Tim Cook: We Would Never Make A 7-Inch Tablet

During yesterday’s Q4 2012 conference call, Kulbinder Garcha of Credit Suisse asked Apple’s CEO Tim Cook why the company decided to launch the iPad mini after Steve Jobs had famously taken a dig at the 7-inch tablets launched by rivals.

Here’s what Tim Cook had to say:

On your question about iPad Mini, the comments that you’re referring are comments that Steve had made before about 7 inch table. And let me be clear. We would not make one of the 7 inch tablet, we don’t think they are good products, and we would never make one. Not just because it is 7 inches, but for many reasons. One of the reasons, however, is size. The difference in just the realistic size between 7.9, almost 8, versus 7 is 35%. And when you look at the usable area, it is much greater than that. You know, it is from 50% to 67%. And also the iPad Mini has the same number of pixels as iPad 2 does. So you have access to all 275,000 apps, that are in our App Store, that has been custom-designed to take advantage of the full canvas.

So iPad mini is a fantastic product, it is not a compromise product like the 7 inch tablet, sorry, it is a whole different league.

If you watched the keynote on Tuesday, you may remember that Apple took quite some time out to explain why the 7-inch Android tablets do not offer a great experience by comparing the iPad mini to Google’s Nexus 7.  Schiller showed how the iPad mini offered 35% larger display area than the 7-inch Nexus, 49% larger for surfing the web in portrait mode and 67% larger in landscape mode.

It remains to be seen if customers will buy that argument.

[via Seeking Alpha]