A Few Fun Photo Apps for Your iPhone

2012 11 24 16 32 45In my best iPhone photo apps list only included one really “fun” app—Manga Camera. The thing is, well, I kinda collect apps that let you do strange and weird things with photos (especially of yourself or others). I went through my list of apps I had gathered and picked through a few that I think you’ll like too.

The fun rarely lasts

Before I start off, I wanted to let you know right now that it seems these fun photo apps don’t last long in the App Store. I don’t know why, but well…they don’t. I had to cross off a several of my favorites (like the Futurama Head in a Jar app, which, yes I used for this post) because you can’t get them anymore. So, word to the wise, if an app looks like fun to you (especially if it’s free or tied to a movie)—get it while it lasts!

Comic Story. If you want to take photos and make a cool looking comic. Done like dinner! Stickers, speech bubbles, frames, effects. And right now it’s free!

Manga Camera. Still free, still awesome.

2012 11 24 17 03 43Dark Knight Rises. Want to be Bain or Batman or Catwoman? Pose by the Tumbler? You can do all of that and create posters with your picture. Yeah, it’s a movie tie-in app, doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Psst, it’s free too.

Cartoonatic. From the folks at MacPhun (who make a lot of great apps I’ve bought) and just a fun way to match photos with the season. Again, it’s a freebie (with in app purchases).

WordFoto. Overlay words into your picture so the photo is re-done with colored text. It’s neat for making gifts and sending to friends. This one will set you back $1.99.

Over. Just a beautiful app to let you add text—with great fonts and typography—to your photos. This is only $0.99 and takes a couple tries to complete get it, but once you do the results are great.

PhotoFun. Add cool frames and captions to your photos. And it’s free, so this is nice to have as well.

ToonCamera. Make a picture you take look like a comic or art or … just have fun. This is $0.99 as well, not too bad for the fun, plus it’s a Universal app too.

2012 11 24 16 51 44riffed.it. When I posted my photo apps list, these folks reached out to me on Twitter to check out their app. It’s neat, and free, and heck it has Justin Bieber so how could it be terrible? You can be the meme…be the meme…

That’s it for my picks. Yes, there are lots more of these fun apps around, so share! Free is great, but cheap is fine too.