Facebook for iOS Updated—Mixed Bag of Good and, well…

Facebook pushed out an update to their iOS app (v 5.1 if your’e keeping track of version numbers) which adds multiple photo uploads, message improvements, headaches, and confusion. Wait, what?

I caught the news of the Facebook update earlier today via TNW. Nice, multiple photo uploads, messaging improvements, gifts (if you’re in the U.S.), and some nice UI touches. Cool.

While I was working on something else I saw this come in, also from TNW—Facebook for iOS version 5.1 causes News Feed, login issues, may not display friends and groups in app—well now, that’s fun.

I fired up Facebook on my various devices and found, yep, Facebook had cleaned things up a bit. Not a lot, but few touches here and there. I haven’t played with Facebook Messages (I really rather not use it…maybe I should turn it off entirely), but what caught my eye was multiple photo uploads. Oooh shiny.

I2012 11 05 20 07 16 heft up my iPad 4, tap to update my status with a photo…huh, that’s not the interface I was expecting. Switch to iPad mini. Hmm, same. I can only pick on photo at a time. Okay, let’s break down and check it out on the iPhone…well lookee there…I can upload multiple photos (and so I did).

Right, so Facebook decided that while people don’t take a lot of photos on iPads they can’t upload multiple photos at once? Me? I shoot a lot from my iPhone then edit and upload from my iPad. Editing photos on the iPad is just…fun…so I do! Pity that while iPad users have more screen real-estate to pick more pictures…they are stuck with just one at a time.

Facebook, if you wouldn’t mind, could you update the app to fix this?

On the whole login errors, display problems, I didn’t have any issues, how about you?