Apple Seeds iOS 6.1 Beta To Developers

iOS 6.1

Hot on the heels of releasing iOS 6.0.1, Apple has just seeded the beta version of iOS 6.1 (build 10B5095f) for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to developers of iOS Developer program.

Apple has also released Xcode 4.6 Developer Preview.

9to5Mac reports that iOS 6.1 includes improved Map Kit searching in Maps for developers:

The Map Kit framework now lets you programmatically search for map-based addresses and points of interest. The MKLocalSearch class initiates a search for map-based content using a natural language string. In other words, you can enter placename information or portions of an address and have Map Kit return search results that match the information you provide. For example, searching for the string “coffee” would return the location of local coffee bars along with information about each one.

We’ll update the post with more details shortly.