iTunes 11 First Screenshots and First Impressions (Updated)

iTunes 11 is out and if you haven’t fired up the Mac App Store to update (it doesn’t look like the iTunes Download page has been updated yet), here’s what you can look forward to.

We’ve added a video walkthrough of iTunes 11 as well—don’t forget to check that out too.

First Impressions:

Besides the new look (including the desktop icon), thus far iTunes seems to be pretty similar to version 10.7 that it just replaced. While yes, there are new features, their isn’t a single huge improvement that will jump out at you. We haven’t been able to tell if iTunes is really faster or less of a memory/processor hog yet. We need a little more time with it to get a feel for it. Playing  purchased items from iClould will be something I’ll be trying soon. I’ll have to delete something to play it. Last thing, word is that it’s safe for jailbreakers.


Downloading from the Mac App Store is painless (as expected), just have to make sure that you quit iTunes first (click on any of the images below for full-sized versions):

Once you’re done you can read the release notes:

release notes
Release notes, enthralling as always

And firing up iTunes (you’ll notice the new icon on your dock, unless you had it there all the time, then you’ll just need to drag iTunes off the dock, relaunch, and stick to the Dock again), you’ll get new TOS (I skipped that shot) and iTunes will start updating your library and give you a nice welcome screen:

And then into your music library:

You jump to the iTunes store with the button in the upper right corner. First thing I noticed was that everything was bigger:

Cruising through the rest of the iTunes Store sections you’ll see the iOS influences everywhere:

The History button is right next to the library button:

New in the Store is the ability to use your camera to redeem cards! Just in time for holiday giving!

The Library is still, essentially, the same. The visual search results are nice though:

The mini controller has a new look, which is nice:

But I like the version if you click the button next to the search icon better:

The sidebar is not visible unless you click Playlists:

The thing I wondered the most was, where would devices show up when you connect them. Right next to the Store or Library button (see image above):

And as you can see the device page has a nice, new look. I think it works. All the sections look essentially the same, but I think the Apps and Music sections got a little attention:


That’s the first walk through. We’ll be updating you throughout the day as we find more goodies, preferences, and fun. Not to mention any glitches.

What do you think? Updated? First impressions?


I forgot, until I wanted to update the Remote app, the “how do I jump to different sections” question (books, podcasts, shows, movies…and apps): It’s the menu in the left corner:

Anything else we can look for?