LTE iPad 4 Reportedly on Store Shelves Now—Start Selling When?

2012 11 14 12 06 01

Oh who doesn’t like a nice, juicy Apple Store rumor, huh? Word is from 9to5Mac that the LTE models of the 4th Generation iPad (LTE iPad 4) are on the shelves at Apples Stores, but they aren’t for sale yet. So the question is…when.

Talk about “so close, yet so far away”. We know that many LTE iPad 4 pre-orders looks like they will be arriving Friday, so it makes sense that Apple Stores would follow suit:

The product is not on sale yet, but they could go on sale at anytime. Stores have been instructed to wait until word from corporate comes through to begin sales. A launch date is yet to be communicated, but with many LTE iPad deliveries set for this Friday, we would say that a Friday launch at Apple stores for LTE iPads is a strong possibility

From: LTE 4th-gen iPads arrive at U.S. Apple Stores, not yet for sale | 9to5Mac

As much as I think 9to5Mac is right, because that’s how things have gone in the past Friday (and it’s fair to pre-orders) does seem like Friday would be the day. But, come on, Thursday would be awesome!

No word yet on LTE minis on shelves (though some are in transit now). I’m betting they will be ready for Black Friday. That’s the day I’ll bet that Apple Stores across the U.S. are going to sell massive numbers of devices—even if they don’t discount.