Maybe the iPhone Could Exist Without Samsung Patents

Yesterday Korea Times quoted Shin Jong-kyun as saying that there would be no iPhone without Samsung patents. However, analysis of each company’s LTE-related patents shows that Apple holds 7 more LTE-related patents than Samsung does.

These findings don’t mean that Samsung is wrong, it just means that maybe Apple has more tricks up its sleeves:

The LTE Patent Breakdown

According to ETN’s findings, Samsung and Apple owned 84 and 91 patents directly related to LTE telephony, respectively. The number of the patents that can immediately be used in lawsuits was 44 vs. 48.

Samsung outdid Apple in terms of the number of standard patents (17 vs. 2) and communication protocol patents (19 vs. 14).

Meanwhile, Apple surpassed Samsung when it comes to modem-related patents (77 vs. 65) thanks to its acquisition of Nortel, which had a quantity of patents related to base station equipment. 90% of Apple’s LTE patents were acquired by transfer from Nortel and the other 10% from Freescale Semiconductor.
From: Patently Apple

I don’t think one could say “Advantage, Apple” with these findings, but it’s safe to say the related court cases are going to be a battle of who holds what patent for which part of the other’s tech.

Scales of Justice by mikecogh from Flickr