OS 10.9 Starting to Appear in Server Logs

9to5Mac and other sites are starting to see traffic from Macs using OS 10.9. Does this mean the first betas are around the corner?

Apple hasn’t announced plans for OS 10.9 (no idea what the name will be, Apple is running out of large cats), but looks like early builds are being used at Apple:

Over the past month we’ve been receiving pageviews from Mac OS 10.9 machines geo-IP located both on Apple’s corporate network and in the Bay area.  There are at least 4 different IP addresses these hits are coming from and the screen resolution on at least two of them is consistant with the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro’s display.

Via: 9to5Mac

Seth Weintraub admits that it’s possible that the info could be faked (it’s not too hard), but that other people are see trickles of machines with 10.9 as well. We’ll have to pour over our logs to see if we can find some evidence as well.

Image from 9to5Mac